Kevin Iglesias

Independent developer of games, Unity assets and tools.


Lowpoly Graveyard Set

Pack with tombstones, bones, coffins and grave related lowpoly assets and handpainted textures.

Set contains: bones, tombstones, grave dirts, openable coffin, fences, columns, trees, herbs, mushrooms, floor stones,

platform and a crypt.

Armory Crafter

Customizable lowpoly modular weapons and shields. Create endless weapons for your game characters!

Includes: swords, axes, hammers, clubs, shields and polearms

Texture Crafter

Customizable handpainted textures. Perfect to create variations for Unity Terrains!

Includes 6 base textures and 14 secondary textures.

Skeleton Outlaw

Free 3D character with animations.

Includes 2 different textures. Armor and hair are removable.